Taking a “gap year”

It was back in 2012 when we first considered the idea of taking a “gap year.” We read an article in the April edition of Adventure Cyclist magazine called A Two-Wheeled Gap Year for Grown Ups by Amaya Williams. Not-so incidentally, I just looked her up and found out she is still on her quest to cycle every country on the planet!

I remember Daisy and I were taking turns reading the article out loud while preparing dinner – she always cuts the veggies, and I cook them and add the spices – back when we lived at the Houseasaurus Co-op where we met.

Jason at the Houseasaurus Co-op with a head of lettuce.

Jason at the Houseasaurus Co-op with a head of lettuce.

Daisy has always had big ideas for adventures (one example: solo cycling from Alaska to Montana – which she did in 2010), and Jason has enjoyed accompanying others on their wild ideas (if presented as doable and relatively safe, almost every trip idea sounds good to him). Needless to say, we make a good team. Daisy generates adventure ideas, and Jason provides good company — and helps refine them, haha.

Daisy's first time in Alaska

Daisy’s first time in Alaska.

Anyways, back to that article… So there are 7 steps to taking your dream tour- it is that “easy”! Check it out:
1. Set a start date
2. Start saving
3. Get gear
4. Outline a route
5. Get a handle on health/money/blogging
6. Put life on hold
7. Say bye, and go!

Amaya also suggests a variety of routes – the Pan-American Highway, SE Asia, a cross-continent Eurasia trek – and now I realize she was actually just highlighting some of the touring she did, not just potential ideas!

OK. So, our ideas have percolated for awhile, and now here we are, stating our intentions for leaving our jobs, selling our furniture, and hitting the road for a gap year(+)!

Read on about Setting a Date.