1 Year on the Road


It has been a a full 365 days since we’ve left State College, PA, and we have come a long way. To help celebrate, let’s look back at how far we’ve come…

We really have cycled a long way this past year!

We really have cycled a long way this past year!

Distance cycled: 13,614 mi (21,910 km)

Countries entered: 6

Degrees N/S traveled: 94

Time zones crossed: 6

Nights camping: 209

Our favorite camping spot

Our favorite camping spot

Showers taken: 150 (each)

Family visits: 8

Touring cyclists ridden with: 10

The blog: 73 posts from the road, 22,719 pageviews

Flat tires: 11

Jason's favorite puncture - a rusty nail

Jason’s favorite puncture – a rusty nail

Chains replaced: 4 each

Mexican states visited: 20 of 30

Chilean regions visited: 13 of 15

Rides taken in car: 2 through construction areas (less than 50 mi)

Big fights: Just 1!

Most small fights are resolved by eating, preferably ice cream!

Most small fights are resolved by eating, preferably ice cream!

Money spent: $12,480 on the road (not including flights)

Coldest night in the tent: -6 deg F (-21 deg C), at 15,600 ft (4,755 m)

Highest altitude: 16,220 ft (4,944 m), Paso Sol de Manana in Bolivia

Hardest climb: Hito Cajon in Chile, a pure 7,000 ft (2,000 m) of climbing at high altitude

Largest earthquake: 5.8 near La Serena, Chile

Jason's keychain for Bolivia

Jason’s keychain for Bolivia

Keychains for Jason’s trip collection: 15? We’re not really sure…

7 thoughts on “1 Year on the Road

  1. Mom in MD

    I was thinking a year was the 10th of May, since that’s when you flew from Maryland to Alaska. You really started from State College, Pennsylvania. Congratulations on an epic accomplishment! With many more miles to come. Love you both. XOXO

  2. Millie

    YAYYYY! Congratulations! You two are awesome! Love the stats! Wondering if there is a correlation between number of showers and number of fights. :) HAHA! Hugs, Millie

    1. Daisy

      I think it is a correlation driven by a third variable: difficulty of terrain. In hard terrain we shower less (fewer services) and we fight more (more tired / hungry / grumpy). So if we just plotted ‘fights’ and ‘showers’ there would be a negative correlation, but it’s explained in large part by the third variable. You should see all the crazy stats we’ve compiled on this trip. My future students are going to be so sick of this data set!

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