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  1. Robert E.

    I read about you in the CDT (Sunday?) and have since read your entire Blog. Great trip. I’m from State College and same as you two, in May of this year I began a major trip, albeit on a small motorcycle. I’m more of an adventure motorcyclist, but I’ve done enough fully loaded bicycle touring to understand what you’re doing. In my moto travels I have met many bicyclists in the most remote places of Alaska, Patagonia & Siberia. They get my highest respect, as you do.
    I’ve ridden from State College to Prudhoe Bay, and I’ve ridden in Chile and Argentina, where I met many bicyclists. You’ll love it.
    I’m now in the middle of a round the world trip. You may not be interested in a moto blog, but there are a couple of pictures and postings about long distance bicyclists in there. Page forward by clicking on page numbers, right side, top or bottom.
    Congrats on your PhD!!! My best friend in DC, where I lived and worked for 35 years, is an avid bicyclist and PhD in Stat. My wife and I would love to meet you when you’re in S C again, if you ever are. May your skies be clear, your roads be smooth and the wind at your back.

    1. Jason Post author

      Thanks, Robert! We’ll be back to State College by the end of next year (2015) and it would be fun to meet you. Enjoy your trip!


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