All packed up and ready to go!

All our belongings for the next year.  It seems like both way too much and far too little.

All our belongings for the next year. It seems like both way too much and far too little.

It has been a busy busy week, and we are finally packed and ready! It is hard to believe that we leave tomorrow.

Daisy is so cool, cleaning the apartment for move-out.

Daisy is so cool, cleaning the apartment for move-out.

We have accomplished more than expected in the past week.  We made fender extensions for both bicycles, crafted waterproof hand covers out of a shower curtain, got our bicycles tuned and kickstands installed.  Both of our commuter bikes found new owners, as did a very large amount of our other belongings.  We had an interview for the university newspaper, wrote and recorded a ‘This I believe’ essay, and did another interview with the local outdoor store.  Oh, and of course, we had a full week of work wrapping up our various projects.

For the next four days we will be riding through Pennsylvania and Maryland, passing through many small towns and spending a night in Gettysburg.  I am very excited for this, because we will take all afternoon to poke around the park and the historical site.  The weather looks to be perfect, and this 4 day ride will be a good opportunity to find out what works with our gear set-up and what doesn’t.  Finding the right pannier for each item is going to be an ongoing challenge, especially once we are in Alaska and have 3 bear canisters that must fit all our food and toiletry items.  Yikes!

Recording my 'This I Believe' essay for the local radio. It will air on May 15.

Recording my ‘This I Believe’ essay for the local radio. It will air on May 15 (and then be available here after that).

From here on out, you will get real stories about the real bicycle trip!  No more of this ‘in preparation’ stuff – we are starting!  Feel free to subscribe if you want to get emails when we update, otherwise you may want to bookmark the site so that you can find it again next time you wonder where we are.

Finally, a time-lapse video of us taming our belongings and packing them up: 

10 thoughts on “All packed up and ready to go!

  1. Aunt Cathy

    How are you going to carry all that stuff on your bikes? I did the Five Boro Bike Tour yesterday — 50 miles! I realize that pales in comparison. Good luck and I vicariously look forward to your adventures.

    1. Daisy Post author

      Cathy, that is so cool that you did the Five Boro Tour! 50 miles is nothing to sneeze at, congratulations! I can’t wait to see you and Ray out West.

  2. Alexander Titus

    We are so excited for you two!!! Please keep us posted as you go and if you need any fun faces to crash with for a night along the west coast, I know some people!

    1. Daisy Post author

      I am finally feeling the stress of preparation slip away, and the excitement building. I don’t think the reality of the almost-endless bicycle tour will set in until, oh, maybe we reach the Yukon? Just a few more hours of work, proctoring final exams…

  3. Toby

    Wow — so much work in the preparations! It’s a very exciting time for you and I’m glad to be following you vicariously. Buon viaggio!!

    1. Daisy Post author

      Thanks Toby, it is certainly nice for (almost) all the preparation work to be behind us. We have left a few chores for our day off in Maryland, but most of the tough stuff is done. Phew!

  4. Daydre Phillips

    Daisy and Jason,
    Can’t believe the day of the beginning of your adventure is finally here! You both are so courageous and dauntless! Looking forward to getting spot gps emails from nowhere (actually somewhere) and to reading your exhilarating updates on line! Be safe, have fun!
    Mom and Dad

  5. Camye

    I cannot believe that today is the day! Have an incredible journey Philtrons. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  6. Debra Bostron

    Jason and Daisy,

    Can’t wait to see you in a few days. Not as excited to put you on the plane Saturday. ;)
    Folks around here are astonished at the trip you both planned; some are a bit envious.
    Many have subscribed to follow and pray for your wonderful and safe adventure.

    Love you both,
    Mom and Dad

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